20 January, 2010



「Chernishev claims that the Japanese have developed the ability to place infra-low frequency voice patterns over music, patterns that are detected by the subconscious. 」





Anonymous said...


The man driving Spain's economy is Jose Manuel Campa (Opus Dei/Harvard). It is very difficult to justify from the Spanish socialist government such an appointment. Campa, with such a profile, is for sure the classical New World Order puppet. This means Zapatero is not controlling its own government. Miguel Sebastian is Zapatero's main economic advisor and a Bilderberger, the classical NWO university professor.

Alvaro Uribe, the colombian president is also a Opus Dei/Harvard puppet, so to speak, a puppet of the NWO, placed by the US satanist cabala wich runs the world cocaine trade, NWO, etc. This has to do with the decision of Colombia to install the snitch culture, hiring thousands of youngsters as State informants, allegedly to enhance security, in practice to place a straightjacket on Colombian society so it becomes another hijacked State as are all the European States, with the Pentagon controlling every corner of the country with this snitch mechanism for social control

Anonymous said...

How much time is going to take for Sebastian Pinera, the newly elected president of Chile, to fill the streets of Chile with State informants/snitches, thus converting Chile in the last hijacked NWO State? Maybe thats why they made him win this election