29 January, 2010

The knowledge gap

How many of us knows what is general or common sense to others? How about the skills and capability of what an average man can do?

There are knowledge gaps between the people living in different places. What you know as a common sense does not appear as normal in another culture.

I figured out similar knowledge gap happens among the ordinal people and the perps who are able to access to extra information about the target. They share more information created by their own people deluded and purposely mistaken any facts favorable to put suspicions on.

If the citizens figure out this knowledge gap of how they have been cheated over the people knowing more from their defense carriers, they might know how they are kept as the population under control and monitored to be in the fence created by these defense people.

We believe in freedom, and the law is written for the people to keep their civil right. However, if it happens to be about national security, their rights are taken or limited with the propaganda of safety of themselves. Who will get rich from more terrorism? Or, who will get benefit from supporting the defense carriers? Terorrimsm threat done by insiders is an advertisement to appeal to the authorities to make more money together, isn't it?

Some people are able to fill the knowledge gap from reading conspiracy theories and other real political books. However, there is another knowledge gap available for people - which is created by the people in the military to keep citizens to obey them. That would include PSYOP or other form of deception legalized to protect the stability of one's country.

If everyone lies, then there is no reason to claim the truth because truth itself cannot prove by its own. The truth must be shared and accepted by the people in order to recognized as the truth. How about 911 or War on Iraq? Or even Enron?

Let's see how much degree of knowledge gap we have as an ordinal citizens.. Sometimes knowledge given from the authorities are filled of lies... like the suspicious global warning theories.

There is only one way to know the truth. Know your self. If your logic is correct, it should be scientifically right. But if your subjection might burr the whole style of investigating the information. If you know you are objective enough to see anything equally, then you might be close to the truth. Everything around you is a matter of your degree of perception. If you know yourself, you will learn the truth.


Anonymous said...

Preventing psycopaths' access to power positions:

There is around a 4% of psycopathic personalities in the world. Psycopaths are well integrated in society and have adaptative advantages compared with the rest of normal human beings to prosper up the corporate positions and end up occupying corporate or political top managment posts. Many of our actual corporate and public leaders are psycopaths. A psycopath is a good storm captain because he does not care about the suffering of the others and he shows strong determination to achieve goals, regardless of the means. They can disguise very good their true evil nature untill they reach the top responsibility and power positions. And then its too late.
There is a book called Political Ponerology that studies this undesired social mechanism that has historically permitted these individuals' access to power. Its written by a polish doctor.

Nowdays its easy to indentify a psycopath individual using PET or TAC brain scanning techniques, or with a simple psyquiatric test.

Companies should require any individual coopting to power positions, that through the above said medical tests, these canditates demonstrate they have a psycopathic free personality. It is the only way to asure the company behaves and is managed sustainably under socially responsible premises.

Anonymous said...

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