12 January, 2010

A good web page explaining about TI and electronic harassment

I found a quite good explanation about TI and electronic harassment. Sometimes the victims have hard time to explain their friends about the problem. If a victim only talks about his or her experience, the perps might take the one to a mental hospital to shut the one's mouth. The below writing explains everything with quite good historical background. I think this is something any new TIs and the victims must know about. The electronic harassment is nothing only few people in the neighborhood or workplace. It is much bigger scale and there are more people suffering from it.

By the way, I thought this writing seems to be a safe piece of evidence that the TIs should carry to tell to their friend about the social problem. People educate others about dangerous vaccinations, toxic materials in the environment, and so on. The same thing can be done with crucial and much mature information about electronic harassment.

It comes with some key points such as Project Slammer and other victims' experience.