01 January, 2010

People under the remote hypnosis might experience the certain symptoms.

1. The sleepiness when the hypnosis is going on for a long period of time.
The duration would be more than few minutes and up to hours. The victim might be unconsciously behaving in a certain way or motivating oneself without own thoughts. Because the victim is not aware of the situation fully, the one might follow the way the one's mind is persuaded. Due to the sleepiness, the one cannot think but the thought received from hypnosis/V2K as the alternative and try to follow it to keep being active. Sleepiness is something the one is aware of as the circumstance. When you are sleepy, you can not think clearly but try to remain silent and fall asleep. That is what you recognize as the symptom of the hypnosis going on for longer period of time. This sleepiness will happen anytime without proper reason like lack of sleep or the time of the day. And the subsistences such as caffeine and large noises will not help you to fully wake up to start thinking in your own. You remain silent and try to do what you need to do without thinking much.

2. The hypnosis voice might be of the regular V2K speakers - if the victim has the experience of hearing V2K voices.
The difference of the hypnosis and the V2K speech are:
I. The V2K speech tends to communicate with the victim with a style - argue with the victim, talking with the victim, to get the one interrupted from what the one is doing. It's like someone continues bagging another person, and the another person cannot concentrate on what the one does.
II. Hypnosis tends to be programmed and the source may not be unclear. You might receive certain strain of thoughts to motivate yourself from the voice with less volume. During that hypnosis, you will get the reasoning from the hypnosis and then the certain action is what you might admit as the outcome. For example, you might talk about the price of a goods with a person. At that point, you might get the hypnosis that telling you about the negative things about the goods and persuade you to think it is not worth to buy it. You get the reasoning not to buy it. Then you might get the "final hypnosis" - tell him "it's not worth buying." You might tell the shopkeeper so without considering the word rude to him. Once you realized your action was out of normal behavior, you learn the hypnosis duration - like when you fall on it and what was the goal of the hypnosis.
III. The V2K speakers are able to program the people around the victim in the same hypnosis method. They might know how the others' reply would be or what they think about. That makes the programmed conversation easy.

3. Combination of the V2K voices and the hypnosis (cheep way)
The V2K perps may use muffling voice for the speech to make it less identical. If you want to know what I mean, try this. Cover your mouth with a towel and speak toward a mic. If you hear a command from such a speech directly in your brain, you might misunderstand the voice as your own. The voice would be less volume, but it could be in high-pitched tone.

4. The hypnosis does not reflect your own regular behavior or thoughts.
The hypnosis might try to persuade you to act in certain action, but you might get your conscious when the persuading failed. I don't know the real hypnosis with a hypnotist, but the remote hypnosis through the direct brain hearing cause the victim to be "awaken" from the unconscious state if the persuading is too difficult for the one. For example, the persuading is to act in violence that the one does not want to commit, then the victim would question oneself for the self-check why the one has such thought. Then the one might be awaken from the certain strain of the thought process induced by the hypnosis. Usually, the personal thoughts fit into own emotion and motivation. This hypnosis is like the state that the victim is surrounded by the people telling the one to perform a certain action - like the unconscious level brainwashing. If you are told by your friends to kick a bucket on the street, you might do it as your friends does. The hypnosis voice does the same trick. You would get the motivation from "another individual" telling to perform it. If it is from your own thought, you will have a chance for the self evaluation of the action. However, if you are persuaded, you have no chance to think about the action and try to fulfill the demand. If you are non-violent type, you might even deny to kick the bucket while your friends kicking it for fun. The same will/desire will show up to reject the hypnosis command.

5. In a long run, the hypnosis persuading to change the one's behavior might turn the person into a complete different individual.
If the victim is continuously encouraged to act in certain things, the persuasions may change the victim completely. The victim thinks the persuasion is from own desire, then the one may follow the persuasion to act like a robot. The Milgram experiment shows how many people will follow the order without considering them properly. Same reasoning would work on this remote hypnosis. If the security guard is persuaded to reduce the times checking the area, the one might get it as the habit. And the terrorists would take the advantage from the previous hypnosis.

Is this something as the knowledge from the US Army's God's Voice Weapon? The strategy would help to loose the security guards' activities as well for another insider plots. Like the officer at the airport was under the sleepiness for few minutes while checking the passengers' bags... Guess what will happen from the secret technology already available.


Ben-Tien said...

Most people don't want to be hypnotized because they fear of it.. They have seen that hypnosis have used to fooled people on TV show. However, hypnosis is really useful for our life.

Ben Tien