11 February, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 9th, 2015

Here is the video from Feb 9th. A bit late for me adding? One Frankfurt car showed up. That's because I'm working on 2 books currently and some Romanian and Croatian studies. Too much time to spend for everyday, huh? But I still got enough time to be not stressed out.

The V2K perps told me about Ravenice Hostel. I might be going back there in near future for the teeth fixing. I don't like to share it but it sounds safer for me if the local mafia is doing something about it. I'm trying to be openly sharing about me in near future. I think that is the safest way from Korean or Chinese gang stalkers using my names and such. I just share my stuffs of Germans stalking me for 3 years also. Who will think me crazy before seeing my damages from over 8 years of gang stalking victimization? I might add a new blog site just concentrating on the Country name as the tag and the hotel, hostel, cafe, restaurant information about how they treat TIs. I bet that is helpful for the TIs trying to travel a bit or find a new spot to live. It's a type of the travel information blog but I'm aiming to make the contents in near future to be sold as a book. 
So, about the hostel, they might just bring a Chinese cop and claim my stuffs to be theirs or something, the V2K perps would say. The situation got worse because I didn't do anything or said anything during or after Xmas when I was there last year, so the perps might made up the assumption that I might be a different religion or Muslim. I'm not that talkative and rather a shy quiet type. Why do I have to go through this much trouble when I prefer to be just the bookworm type??? I thought I can do better explanation with my yellow badge as I went through too much torture, I want to be quiet and just to avoid people around - they might be toxic people to me.

The V2K language coaching seems to be from the UK cops who learned the foreign language study in the military training. They talked me about how to build the vocabulary easily by telling me an example - "What a woman like?" and they have learned from their language professor that that is what you are interested to give for dating with a woman in a foreign country. I've learned from them that make a self answering questions like how we thought of what we like or interested - that was how we learned the language in our childhoods. "What is your dream job?" "How do you wanna work in near future?" Etc, etc. I might publish this book as I made a notes of few pages long advises.