23 February, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 22nd, 2015

Here are UK and German cars I saw near the church. They could be related with the church employees. I think I saw the UK car there. There is a German mass from 10am.

At the German mass, I saw another Asian woman sat but did not take the communion. She was with 2 of her Asian female friends outside but I saw her in Subway after the mass alone. She seemed not speaking up the replies in the mass.
I encountered a begging woman with a kid after the mass. I don't understand why she was following me quite a long time later.

Ah, I found my left side hair shorter than my right side. Kinda kinky thing to happen but the left side is easy to fall from my pony tail and I figured it out. It reminded me of the guy with that Chinese tattoo under his left ear at a cafe. Is this the gang stalking threat happened like cutting an ear off by the Apostle's gesture? That's a sick harassment to happen, you know. I'm quite sure someone invaded my room in Villa 11 recently. I'm trying to put extra empty bottles behind of the doors and windows so they should make noises if someone opened it.