12 February, 2015

The world without good Samaritans

The V2K speakers speaking in Japanese often tell me how they are taking out the good people. Good people can cause danger in the military, they say. The one who kill the solder who would try to help the vulnerable in the war zone or in the real life would be praised. The cold blooded killer would be hated in the past but no more. Why? The situation can cause the troop into danger by helping a small child or a wounded woman. They could be holding a bomb in their body. Anus inserted explosives are the boom for the Muslim terrorists. The safest choice would be just ignore them. If they can cause a problem, kill it. Solders are trained to survive and kill more enemies and anything they found dangerous.

The same mentality goes to the military controlled society. Anyone dangerous for the company would be fired and abused to make the one not to be credited in any means as the one would start complain. Human value is once again dropped as ready disposal workers and human bleeders.

I'm not the one on the side with these psychopaths. The ones who became psychopaths are the ones who get job and properties these days. They would say anyone question to the cops or governmental activities as dangerous for the society. They would start killing them. Travistock and other mental institutions are used for such problematic people to be nullified.

The church is the same - especially for the UK churches. They have the military priests and they are expert on persuading people to spill out their guilt which is the sign of the betrayal for the society.

Who want to do any dangerous things? Explosives? Just catch Muslims with money. They must be funding the terrorism. Sell the mosques and their members should submit the money back to the society. Churches? They are powerless against the Muslims not. The poor church workers are bribed to tell the names of their church members who are costing for the church or they don't need. Muslims would try to get to know them like the cult people and persuade them to be friends with them. Good Samaritans would help the poor Muslims before. Now? So many Muslim solders in the society acting as if their law must be applied everywhere. Warm hearted people are in danger with terrorism, the police priests would say. They are recommended for the civil control by the police, you know. The one go out with Muslims would be dangerous. Quiet people are dangerous to the church because they don't speak up. I was a kinda shy person and didn't do anything much for the communication. When I spoke up about the reality in the church, I was hated. So, what? Anyone Muslims thought as their friends dangerous? Obama seemed the most dangerous person in the world after Saudi government which is now known for the al-Qaeda funding with CIA connection.

Where is good Samaritans these days? They are in the church pretending to be nice people and trying to persuade others to tell their secrets and the week spots. If they can find the target's problem or connection with the Muslims, these people will start spying on the target for the safety. This is the new trend of good Samaritans. The good Samaritans might start killing the people who seem to be dangerous to the church by the heart attack weapon and other things. They would think, we can make them meet Jesus after their death... I don't know who is good Samaritans in this way and what means terrorism.

We just live in the crazy world. Everything is upside down and all inside out. Only the truth is that the money making business for the cops and cop friends using Muslims are more important for the society and politicians.


Ruth Heinzelmann said...

I always loved to help people that they can solve their private or business problems. But there are character problems nobody can solve. But the Mind Control can enlarge these character problems. After being tortured with lots of body pain for three months the V2K-guys asked me what I would suggest after this Mind Control war has been stopped for the enemies who tortured children, e.g. with depressions. I said, if there are these kind of "special circumstances" - torturing children in a brutal way I suggest killer commandos - after a court martial.

JB said...

Hi, Ruth. How do you feel safe with your kids? Normally, the TIs are bullied and their kids are also bullied. I'm just curious how you can just be ok without evil neighbors' concern on your mental health officially speaking up your V2K stories. In my case, I was stalked by the real DOD cars; the DOD is responsible for the V2K and I wrote some books about what the V2K people are saying. Now I have few books on sale and they are the proof of these people are not of my delusion as they speak in the certain dialect as if of the old Channeling episodes like Jane Robert's "Seth Material." I'm planning to be publishing my photos and trying to be socially normal on FB and G+. So, I just wanted to see how you did about the EH effects on your situation.