15 February, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 15th, 2015

I attended the German mass today in the church. About 20 visitors or so. All aged. On my way, I saw this "Mon Cat" bag woman. I saw the same logo before probably last Sunday.

An UK car in front of the church. How come a UK car there?

And an eye patched woman at the train station. I often encounter eye-patched people when the perps claim me to be going to a mosque or something for their "hatched" claim. I think the perps have this chicken story for explaining their dangerous Muslim figuring out. Like getting out of the egg shell means something dangerous and "hatched" means to be acting like a Muslim. Well, I'm nothing like Muslim at all. I wear the same Jack Wolfskin jacket on the jeans. If I see a Muslim, I taut them as "ass checked people" from my PTSD caused Islamphobia. It's bad to see the food court got Turkish restaurant and SrpingTime restaurant selling the child-excrement-contained kebabs shipped from Turkey. I don't eat that kind of things and I don't go near Muslims things at all. You never ever want to encounter a food on the dish which got someone stamped with one's sandal for making it like dessert special military food. No Muslims means safe place for me. I support nuking mecca, too. Just pagans will die there. No Christian allowed in mecca area.

Here is the video.

I made a new blog site for just showing travel information. That one got my new email address with it for the g+ feature to share things. Say, I might write a book about how to rebuild the social relationship for the TIs. Usually TIs are isolated on the FB and such and no time for the friends making and that is the difference of the TIs and the normal perps around for the TI surveillance on the Internet. Anyone who is a TI is welcomed for the connection on G+.