21 January, 2017

Dominik Panzio in Budapest - Fusion Center for slicing people?

The V2K speakers told me that Dominik Panzio in Budapest would be a location for the Fusion Center and they could start exercising chopping people down for the war game practice.

I stayed at Dominik Panzio once and I saw a woman with a Japanese kimono image bag showed up at the mass. Then there was a head covering Chinese and some Chinese group showed up to the mass as if for the community watch social pressure. The V2K speakers told me that the Dominican guest house has the basement for the Fusion kidnapping system. So, I decided not to stay there this time.

As far as I know, there was nothing stolen there. Just the gang stalkers stayed in the rooms near mine. Since my stuffs went missing missing when I stay at Downtown Hostel, I just thought about the option. If I stay at the Dominik Panzio, will it be better for me to stay there and have time praying rosary in the church? Well, the stalkers could claim me of stealing their stuffs and such.

So far, my rosaries went missing but not yet someone chopped me up. Anyway, Budapest is not really  a good place to stay for Christians. Bad people always hate foreigners and harass them.