23 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 23, 2017

Well, I wrote about the missing rosary x 2. One of them was found in the netbook bag on the next day. It was strange as it went missing the night before and I searched everywhere as well as another one from Rue de Bac. The God Father's mother's rosary was found in the netbook pocket. But such small things makes me sick with the harassment like mind zapping to make me forget something I was planning to do but to do something else first and forget the another one on my plan. The V2K speakers told me that the Japanese medical students in Zagreb are now in Budapest for the practicing of such monitoring techniques. 731 unit medical students are still around in Croatia area for damaging Christians to loose rosaries.

Well, this is the second time I lost Christian item in Budapest. The first time was at Zsofy's house or something west from Nyugati train station. There was Scandinavian Asian woman was chatting with others. So, my Christian bracelet could be misused for something.

Today, I saw a German car near my hostel and a car with Arabic wheel cover. There were 2 Asian Muslims walking near my hostel when I came back. Later, I saw a group of Asian Muslims in the tram that I was about to take. Not so many Muslims in the city at all or you see them on my OSAM video. Also, no Asian Muslims till today. How come so many came near Kalvin Ter? Statistics would tell they are stalking me.