21 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 18-20, 2017

Here is the video about past few days. I saw some German cars and others like Turkish and Bulgarian ones in Budapest.

I think the V2K speakers are now engaged in the company program and they make profits together from telling lies together. Also, they make the stock system and dividing the wealth of their target as if to get the profits from stock trading. They could take something from the target for fun and driving the victim crazy. Well, my rosary I bought at Rue de Bac went missing. I always kept it in my Samsonite poach for a long time. It's a wooden rosary with a miraculous medal. On 19th, I saw it came off from my Samsonite poach on the floor next to my bed in morning. So, it was there when I put it back in my poach that day. Then I went to the hospital in afternoon. I only took out my passport and phone from the poach for that day and kept them back. Today, I went out and had the chance to check the contents of my poach at Starbucks and it was not there. And I checked the bags when I came back and I didn't find it. Now, the place is crowded with guests despite of the off season. At least, I saw my rosary at the reception in the hospital when I took out some stuffs from the poach. And my poach was tightly closed and was on the desk at the doctor's office when I tried to open it and to show the photo copy of the information. And then, I don't know where it went. It was a strange way of losing a rosary. Well, Divino Amore key ring was once again found in the souvenior bag - only few items in it and how it went missing??? So, I don't know how the rosary would be popped up once again or gone forever. It's sick to feel something like this by the gang stalking.

Well, just enjoy Morgan Stanley Indian guy stealing a mag from Milnar bakery in the video. I just feel fun fro making the theft known everywhere to piss the idiot off for a laugh. Bad guys should be shared like this way. And I can make him a scapegoat of rosary loss.