16 January, 2017

Graz land slide coming?

The V2K speakers' Future Research Institute information telling me that there would be a big land slide to happen at Graz, Austria  and it would be done by 2018. The current story is that it would happen on January 22nd, 2017 - around 2.23pm. It's Sunday and the earthquake caused by the land slide from the mantle area with the water vipolation to be around magnitude 18. As the result, there would be Stuttgart to become a lake.

Belgrade and Timisoara to be the safe zone in Eastern Europe.

Me? I would be in Budapest by next week. The V2K speakers research told me that there would be around magnitude 4,8-5.2 earthquake in Budapest to the west. And the fire happens from the hospital near Nyugati train station and burn the city center area. I'm quite scared about such issue. Maybe I'd stay away from the tall buildings. People just have blind faith on the old buildings till they fall. I'd be just one of those hoping the city council did something with the buildings for the safety already.

But it's just one of the future told me by the V2K people.