26 January, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 25-26, 2017

I'm in Creek area now. The V2K speakers told me that the US Army says Greek poor as Creek. There is the middle area down in the land and that is the Creek meaning.

OSAM from January 26 and 27th. A suspicious Asian man took the buses from Budapest to Thessaloniki. Only two passengers are Asians in the buses. So, I assume him as a stalker and he could be related with the home invasions and Muslim claims on their targets. I saw a nose bandaged man on my way to the metro station in Budapest and also I saw another nose bandaged man in a cafe in Thessaloniki. How often such a strange encounter happen with nose bandages? I had the sudden nose breeding on Dec 5th and it took a ambulance next day in Belgrade. And I visited the hospital in Budapest for the examination. At night I went to a restaurant and saw juice and pasta with bugs. Is this bug contamination normal in Greece? I don't know their food standard. There was a guy with the same Swiss logo cap man walking on the street. I filmed him just in case he is a perpetrator to claim his cap went missing or something and encourages others to steal or damage my cap for their fake crime story set up.

Ah, the V2K speakers also told me about the perpetrators plan of claiming mosque/Moskow supporting Greek Orthodox priests in the form of fest making for 60 of them and killing with the poisoned wine. The V2K speakers said that was funded by the US Army's Muslims especially the Turkish special agents with Skandivenia (Skandinavia and Herzogvina Islamic power in the Balkans for the war domination in the area).