21 January, 2017

My rosary stolen - another one

I have several rosaries with me. I bought some here and there. I have been using the one I bought at Rue de Bac for about a year. And it went missing since yesterday. I saw it till I visited Dune Medical Center on 19th. I checked my Samsonite poach and it was there while I searched my passport.

And while I was trying to sleep tonight - it's 6am already now - the V2K speakers reminded me of my plastic rounded small can with a small rosary which was given by my God Father's mother. It was in my netbook bag pocket. I had some micro SD card with the rosary in the same case. I kept it in the same spot in the netbook bag for a long time and it was in my porter bag. Well, I don't have to check all the stuffs everyday as they should be there. I think I saw it last time was probably at Hostel Midnight Grooves. My memory is quite blur but it was the time I thought of checking the contents of the micro SD card in the rosary. I forgot what was inside when I was uploading the photos from the micro SD card from my camera.

Rosaries are hated by the Japanese SDF or Navy stationed in Bosnia and Pula area, the V2K speakers say. Also, Bosnian Army targets rosary as Medugorje teachings says it as a weapon. So, these Muslim police and Muslim police students want to crash the rosaries for the harassment. Islamic religion is only destroying others religions and freedom. I don't understand why this kind of facism is done for the victim who is claimed to be Muslim or dangerous. And others just laughing of such thefts.

I'm just experiencing the communist time harassment on myself. Was it like this during the religion banned era? And only the police is accepted in the church mass and church activities while Muslims checking someone to look like Islam and trying to strip off their rights for the eventual all property stealing?

I didn't know someone entered my room and steal something such tiny and only valuable for Christians. How can I prevent someone invading my room? I stayed more time at home, so nothing could be missing or damaged when I stayed at Guesthouse Marija in Zadar where a German speaking man stayed next to my room quite a long time everyday.