29 January, 2017

German cars around for today - 3 or more

I'm still in Thessaloniki now. But hopefully, I would be in Skopje and somewhere not expensive to stay for communication with some people and groups for the help. 5th year of Germans stalking is enough for me to get some help, you know.

I'm now in a cafe called Cafe Enu (u is omega sign). I don't see the alpha in the beggining but C but it ends with omega. C like Coffee comes before alpha here in Greece.

There is a German car outside the cafe is D:MA GU 112. There was a German car near the Thessaloniki church D:GL PS 3399. And one more was starting from D and I recorded the number n my video

I'm just dong few password changes to avoid any fishy DOT.TK registered at Amsterdam showing off Alexandria Hotel logo whenever I tried to check Chip.de and other sites. So, I would be safely in Skopje area for a little easier WIFI for adding my books and such.

I have a book to be done by next week called "Kontro-san ni narou" which could be published by the Kotor visiting Japanese people who did all the killing of Russians and such and even the book sales of 300yen from Asahi Shuppan was banned - the V2K told such and telling me the contents.
So, this book would be done.