20 January, 2009

Different types of the direct voice/sound hearing

Since two days ago, I sometimes feel sick suddenly. It seems the e-harassment get severe for whatever the reason. I am not sure if the sudden e-harassment relates with my exposure of the one of the participant's car with rosary and "I (heart) LA."

From the sickness, I think I learned some characteristics of e-harassment sickness and natural ones. First of all, I heard high pitched beep noise pretty loud. Actually, the Japanese voices remained in the same tones and the voices seemed to be coming from different way than the beep noise. I heard the beep noise as if I heard above my right ear. The sense of where the noise came from is much similar to what microwave hearing effect has. According to some articles, microwave hearing would make the subject to feel the sound came from back of the head. In my case, it was from right side above the ear. On the other hand, the voices seemed to use the natural sound as the medium. When I run water, the voices seem to use the water sound to increase the volume. I think this characteristic is similar to ultrasonic sound hearing effect. I experienced voices increasing its volume near the fan or in a boiler room. About the ultrasonic sound wave used in organized crime, you can check the academic article here. (http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/cpijreports/3-4/0/120/_pdf/-char/ja/) It says that the ultrasonic sounds can be detected using "Bat director" and using oscilloscope to find the direction the sound comes from.
The Japanese voices seemed to lose volume sometimes. For ultrasound hearing, harassers need to settle down in two places and send the ultrasonic waves to the target from two directions. It is like a position in triangle.

Target --- Perp A
Perp B

Since the target in the middle spot of both two ultrasonic waves, he or she is able to hear the voices. Ultrasonic waves can cause the target to experience body pain and effect brain functions.

But the funny thing is that the high pitched noise came from different way. If the harassers are targeting me with ultrasonic waves from relatively closer locations, they are able to make me sick by sending waves to my bedroom. In case of hearing the beep noise, it does not come like the voices. The voices do not have sense of where it came from and microwave hearing can cause the listener to think the sound comes from back of one's head. I found the beep noise was much like microwave hearing. For the voice hearing, I am pretty sure the Japanese speakers use ultrasonic wave as their voices can be mixed and reduce the uniqueness of one's voice by sending ultrasonic waves from multiple spots. By the way, the Japanese voice speakers are so dumb that they do not even understand English or even German. It seems the speakers are same group of people about 4 to 8. I learned some of their characteristics by how they talk. If they stay in Switzerland, I think they are pretty easy to be spotted. All of them seemed to be staying Switzerland over one year, so they must have some kind of residential permit but lacks proper language skill in the area. I guess they are brought by Kantonspolizei like what they did to the Eritrean perps.

Does anyone with voice hearing problem notice the difference of how the one hears noises and voices?

For ultrasonic sound voice hearing, ultrasonic wave recorders and oscilloscope can prove the e-harassment. If you buy one and not sure if it functions well, try to order ultrasound speaker or meet bats and dolphins in zoo or aquarium for testing.