21 January, 2009

Kannst du Deutsch sprechen?

The best way to motivate oneself to study a foreign language is find something interesting in that language. I have some favorite German musicians and their songs made me to listen German almost every day enough to make Americans around me to think me as a German spy.

01/24/08: The video I posted here was deleted in few days, I added a new one.

In Japan, Die Prinzen's "Popmusik" was used as the theme song of a German learning TV program. I bet the above song can be used for a good German study program, too.
If you like Die Prinzen, you can buy their CDs from Amazon Deutschland. I have been a customer of their service since 2002, way before I met Dr. Elizabeth Weiss. If you buy multiple stuffs one time, you would balance out the shipment cost by the discount you get from each purchase.
The one of the cool things living in Switzerland is that free shipments from Germany. Another cool thing? Of cause the people speak German!