03 October, 2010

How to negotiate with the remote hypnosis?

I found few tips to negotiate with he remote hypnosis like what CIA has been using. I can make the list more after combining every thing, but I think sharing some a bit by bit would helpful.

  • The hypnosis would work more effectively with the speaker whose voice has some positive image by the subject. For example, the persuasion done by the Speaker A and it results the subject comfort, the Speaker A's voice can bring about more success on the persuasion. If Speaker B persuades the subject and ended up the subject getting an electro shock, the subject may not follow the hypnosis than Speaker A who gave the subject a candy in one's mouth.
  • If the hypnosis continues to bother the subject to act something particular (e.g. drink Coke, eat KFC meal, smoke cigarette, etc), subject may put the limit on what the one can do will keep the self-control on the persuasion. For example, the hypnosis persuades the subject to drink cola, the subject will experience the need of drinking cola till the one really does that. In such case, the one can put oneself on the limitation to make the restriction on the action for better self-control. It helps the subject to be driven by the hypnosis. This type of persuasion does not have any impact on one's moral or ethical view, so it cannot be about murder or criminal actions as it has complexity on making one's decision. Simpler the matter is - such as the choice of food, drink, place to go, what to read, etc, the hypnosis works much easier to the subject.
  • While you are in the conversation or doing something, the hypnosis can cause your mood change towards to person/subject. This is like how you are going out in a group and others started to complain about a store and you feel negative about the store and does not want to go in. The hypnosis for the person would be "oh, why this person is still bothering me" and "I don't like talking with him/her." And for the store, "I can find a better store later" "I might not find the thing I'm looking for in the store, I should check out another one."
  • Also, the persuasion with limitation can be another effective way for the hypnosis. If the subject feels impossible or does not agree to do the action, the tester might give the limitation on the action for the negotiation for better persuading. For instance, if the subject is asked to raise one's hand to 90 degree, the one might not feel comfortable doing so. However, if the subject is asked to raise one's hand to 30 degree for the second persuasion, the one might feel much ease for volunteering to do the action. This type of the negotiation would be exercised by the remote hypnosis for the subject to engage in the action as a result.
The perps might blame the TI for not doing something right because of the harassment. They simply don't understand how TIs got extra burden from the covert operations.
  • No one is perfect, and I found often the persuasions done through the hypnosis are to drive the TI to find the wrong decision. If the TI makes error from the hypnosis, the perps would use it for blaming the TI. In such case, do not take it so much on oneself.
  • From the above issue, I think such hypnosis are causing depressions among Japanese and others. If the same mistake suddenly appear in one's mind again and again with the feeling that "it was really shameful" or "I should not done such," these feelings are possibly through the hypnosis. If such thing happens, the one can try to find a positive way to overcome the matter. For example, you remember an incident that put you embarrassed and then the one-sentence type hypnosis of the negative thought against you - whenever the matter comes up in your mind, try to think how you can do better in the next time to avoid it. I believe such exercise can help people to stay away from the depression. I learned this type of exercise done by the V2K perps, but their strategy seems a monotone.
I'm just curious how the real psychiatrists thing about my analysis of hypnosis. Do they claim me crazy or what I wrote down is theoretically collect? We know V2K/V2S is real and has been around since 80s. CIA's studies on hypnosis and mind control have been revealed for some extend as well. What the victims need for next is the public understanding of the damage on subconsciousness.