20 October, 2010

What happens if students are allowed to get armed on campus?

I found this article very disturbing. The authority can decide who to arm themselves on campus while the real reason of the need to be armed is not clearly stated.

Texas legislators plan to push a law that would permit college students to carry concealed weapons on campus, citing the Virginia Tech incident in 2007 when a disturbed young Asian man shot and killed 32 unarmed fellow students in one morning before committing suicide.

That story was never fully explored regarding the man’s strange background and the true reasons that he mercilessly attacked students. But what is known is that police were woefully tardy in responding and many lives would have been spared if at least some students had been armed, as campus concealed-weapons advocates argue.

State Sen. Jeff Wentworth and Rep. Joe Driver are sponsoring the measure to allow students who meet certain conditions to be armed. Since the Virginia Tech incident, several copycat attackers have been stopped by armed students.
My concern is that the students working as the undercover officers and informants would receive the permit for the firearms on campus for their self-protection. Meanwhile, their victims treated as potential threat or criminals would remain unarmed. I'm talking about the gang stalking victim who are stalked by the informants and private level concerned students. They first put a suspicion on their target and harass the one till something happens such as the one commit suicide, or get mental problem from their harassment, or engage in a crime to get away from the condition.

I think the Virginia Tech massacre would be a good example for showing availability of firearms on campus can cause problem. The South Korean origin suspect might be a victim of gang stalking. What I can learn from the Wikipedia article is that Seung-Hui Cho, the lone gunner, was blamed of stalking 2 female students before he was asked by the school to seek counseling.
In 2005, Cho was accused of stalking two female students. After an investigation, a Virginia special justice declared Cho mentally ill and ordered him to attend treatment.[3] Lucinda Roy, a professor and former chairwoman of the English department, had also asked Cho to seek counseling.
I don't know what happened to these two female students, but if Cho was trying to claim them for the gang stalking on him but he was blamed as the stalker by the FBI's famous Snitch Jacket technique and the gender-based stereotyping, I can imagine that how he got furious about the injustice.

Now, let me repeat what happened to me from SJSU experience. In Spring 2006, I filed a sexual harassment case to the Ombudsman and Dr. English-Lueck, the chairwoman of Anthropology department suggested me to talk with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, the director of SJSU counseling services. As David Lawson says in his book, cause stalking victims are often claimed as mentally ill while such psychological damage was the result from the stalking and other form of harassment by the cause stalkers. I never thought of suicidal, but Dr. English-Lueck concerned about it and was documented as suicidal and danger to others by the witness in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on October 16th, 2006. It was the day I brought the gang stalking issue to the local Homeland Security Office in San Jose to ask help. When a TI tries to seek help, the one is always treated as mentally ill. Meanwhile, the authorities including the law enforcement ignore to investigate on the gang stalking. I never had any suicidal thoughts while filing the case to Equal Opportunity Services and the Homeland Security, but the psychiatrists made up a story of me saying something suicidal. Who is paranoia in the real world? I'm quite sure that Cho was a TI because gang stalkers often claim themselves to keep an eye on someone mentally unstable. If he had a long history of mental problem, he is pretty much like an ideal figure for stalking by the gang stalkers.

I'm telling the pattern of how American universities treat minority students. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen would say "you are none of American citizen." Thus, the foreign students can be used for the covert human experiment by the psychiatrists.

Now I can tell Dr. English-Lueck is a real lier. If I'm really dangerous or suicidal, then how could I survive to be this long, 4 years, from her claim of me as suicidal? Because of her claim, I was documented as suicidal and dangerous. Isn't it much natural to believe the witness and Dr. English-Lueck lied? If I'm really violent, I would not visit SJSU UPD, the Equal Opportunity Office, the Homeland Security, the ombudsman for asking help from the stalking by the students who moved into my apartment and I was sometimes followed from the garage to my apartment. Then I learned sharing perp information is better than asking help in the law enforcement agencies because they ignore the case. Perhaps they cannot stop the harassment by their own informants and local extremists.

I'm curious about the situation in Virginia Tech. They would increase the security yet the informants are harassing other victims till they cause a social trouble. If they increase the security with armed informants, they would start shooting students by claiming that the students started the shooting. If the students were dead, we see the same situation going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The solders kill civilian first, and then put some arms next to their dead bodies to claim them as the militants.

Conclusion: if you can attend universities online, why do you want to visit the actual campus? You might be killed by the random shooting by the students. If you want to talk with a professor or another student, you can do it online as well.