23 October, 2010

Wikileaks Iraq Death Map and Data

If you have not check out the long-waited Wikileak's Iraq data, try Guardian. It got the map and data available for download.

Wikileaks Iraq: data journalism maps every death

I can tell some useful tips from the data.
  1. The death occurs mostly in the cities and along the road. In other words, civilians might get killed while they were in the crowded area.
  2. The cause of death shows what to be avoid for the survival. This could be useful for the people to stay safe when they are accidentally in a war zone. The three largest causes of death are: murder, IED Explosion, and both direct and indirect fire.
  3. Civilians were mostly murdered or assassinated. I don't know how to tell the differences of them though.
By the way, do you know how Muslims fight against other Muslims? They believe others are believing in something else. Like saying the enemies are believing in different religion. Even among Christians, perps believe like that way for engaged in gang stalking without getting ethical problem from their faith. Muslims are quite easy for manipulation by the group; through the media and by the religious leaders.

The 4th PSYOP Group began broadcasting the "VOICE OF THE GULF" radio network on 19 January 1991. It operated continuously through 1 April 1991 with more than 210 hours of live broadcasting and 330 hours of prerecorded programs. A total of 2072 news items were aired along with 189 PSYOP messages. The VOICE OF THE GULF network consisted of a 50 KW AM transmitter located at Abu Ali, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on AM 1134; a 10KW AM transmitter located at Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on AM 1179; a 1KW FM transmitter located at Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia broadcasting on FM 87.5 and two Volant Solo EC-130 aircraft of the 193rd Special Operations Group broadcasting on AM 690 and FM 88.5 and 87.9.
The psychological and informational warfare campaign continued. Iraqex, a public relations firm set up by the Washington D.C. based Lincoln Alliance Corporation, hired Sunni religious scholars to persuade Sunnis in the Anbar Province to participate in Iraq’s national election, and retained the services of four Sunni religious scholars to help with U.S. propaganda campaigns.
It's an irony that the people caring for the freedom like the journalists are getting killed and harassed in Iraq. On the other hand, rich and successful scholars makes themselves easily to identify that they are hired by the US government. I hope what Wikileaks shared helps to bring a real freedom to Iraq in future.