10 October, 2010

If you have a Muslim relative somewhere on the Earth, you would be on the watch list

In retrospect, I think my car had something strange also. When I brought my car to a regular checkup on September 2006, the mechanic said I needed to leave it to them for few days for the maintenance. I knew the mechanic, Peter, and other Vietnamese immigrants working at the gas station near Japan Town in San Jose. But when I went there to pick up my car, the old female worker told me about how I would be fine in Japan with my parents and friends to support me. I did not know why she started telling me something like that. But it could be something they knew about the gang stalkers (informants) doing to my car.

I had gang stalking problem like students followed me to my apartment from the 4th St garage across from SJSU. One time was that 2 females were in an old car and followed me to the parking lot behind the apartment. When I parked my car, the students' car just made a U-turn and went back.

I enjoyed reading this article. I know Mission College as some of my old friends went there and graduated from there. Probably, more foreign students' cars would be tracked by the FBI and the Americans are paying for all the costs from their tax. I don't know if the FBI is only targeting Muslims for tracking, but I think whistlebrowers and student activists would get the tracking devices in the same way.

According to Wired, Afifi's father, who was a Muslim community association president in Santa Clara, died in Egypt last year. It's not clear whether the FBI's interest in Rafifi has to do with his father's prominent role in the community.

Rafifi says FBI agents contacted an ex-roommate about him six months ago. He says he knows he is on a government watch list, as he is frequently pulled aside for extra screening at airports. But he said the FBI told him their investigation of him was effectively over.


By the way, I don't have any relative who is Muslim. I only have one cousin who married with American woman and another cousin who married with a Chinese woman. My families are Buddhist while I'm a Catholic. Nothing suspicious to be like a Muslim at all. From the article, it seems people having a Muslim relative would be on the watch list by the FBI. I wonder how far it goes. Do they only count the Muslims visiting Mosques in the US and their relatives, or do they also counting on Muslims abroad? This would be another reason you should not get involved with Muslims, or you would get a tracking device on your car. I'm glad I don't have a Muslim relative.

Finding the tracking device might be a good way to prove you are targeted by the FBI or gang stalkers. If you are a TI, you should check your car to look for the tracking device.