01 May, 2013

A white eye bandage woman at Bürgersaalkirche and a strange Chienese speaking woman

This is the video from yesterday. When I attended the mid-day mass at Bürgersaalkirche, there was a woman with a white bandage on her eye. There should not be many people with eye injuries. Since in Rome, I saw many people with an eye patch. Well, I saw a girl with an eye bandage at the church in Solin, Croatia. So, there would be some skits going on like this for awhile.

When I went to a restaurant to buy a kebab menu, a white woman showed up and started talking to me in very fluent Chinese. The restaurant might be owned by a Chinese because I saw the sign on Chinese as well as in German. When I asked her if she is related with Chinese mafia, she left. So far, I learned that she understand English as well. Perhaps, she works or studies at LMU, which got people working for the BND. The guest professors and the graduates from LMU are most likely to be in German insiders. It's like how SJSU professors and the graduates are related with the CIA.