01 May, 2013

My "Croatian" bag got zipper part damaged.

Yesterday, I was walking on the street and I found the zipper off the rail and it became one side on the rail. It happened when I tried to change the camera battery which was in this pocket. This is very familiar like how the zipper part was of my suitcase and my leather bag damaged and made the contents not secure with a padlock. Well, I did not lock this one, but it seems the Stasi perp here in International House Hostel did some small tampering for fun. I guess there were some suspicious Asians, and they might be responsible for such skits if they are mafias. I do not check others, but so far, there seems no damage on my suitcase nor bags. I had to buy a new bag due to this damage.

This morning, I found a small shape knife type scratch on my new shoe sole I bought yesterday. It probably happened while I was taking the shower at this morning. I put my large heavy suitcase in front of the door, so there should be no one able to enter while I was sleeping. I am assuming that the electronic card lock is vulnerable for the Stasi invasion here in Munich. I got already more than 4,000€ damages from the last year. Perhaps, I can share the faces of the people around for the possible suspects.