29 July, 2014

Few benefits from the nuke bombing on Mecca

The world without some dangerous cult groups is safer for people. Islam is one of the many dangerous religion like Aum-Shinrikyo and some others did the terrorism. If there is no Muslims, there would be no more Jihardists out there nor Muslim terrorists. How to be safe? Just nuke Mecca for few benefits come with it as the after effect.

If we bomb Mecca with nukes, we will get...

  • No more Jihardists.
  • No more Muslim terrorists.
  • No more Sharia zones in UK and other countries.
  • No more 5-7 years old girls marrying with an old man, and that is healthy for the kids in a long run.
  • Women can drive a car anywhere in the world.
  • Women can drive a truck anywhere in the world.
  • Women can travel around alone.
  • Women can get a job without discrimnation literaly.
  • No more hijab women siting outside of the local church for asking money.
  • Cheaper oil from Saudi Arabia after the countery's economy crashes.
  • No more dicatorship by the Saudi Arabian royals.
  • No more rapists getting wild against the non-Muslim women during Ramadan.
  • No more killing of goats in he neighborhood.
  • No more complaints of drinking water or any drinks by the Muslims during Ramadan.
  • No more complaints of eating by the Muslims during Ramadan.
  • No more child porno made in the household accepted.
  • No more of the camel pee drinkers in the neighborhood.
  • No more karaoke from dawn in the area with mosque.
  • Better use of the land used as mosque.