20 July, 2014

Some Asians in the bus on my way to Kotor and the way back to Bar

I'm moving to near Kotor tomorrow and I visited Kotor in early morning for the Sunday mass. Only few people rode the bus in morning but there was a mid-age Asian man in the bus alone. I don't know why there was another Asian in the bus. I don't see any Asian in Bar beach and only 2-3 Asians I saw in the city like at a shopping center. He was talking to the women around him often and he took the bus from Bar city center as I took it from on the way. At Kotor, he was still in the bus, so I think he was heading to Herceg Novi direction.

At the Cathedral before the mass. There was a large group came with a guide. A couple sat earlier and the man wore the Chinese character "Sky" logo pants. A woman behind me was speaking Polish during the mass. I stayed Krakow 2 Christmas times and I can recognize Polish quite good. There are many Polish people in Bar now. The church mass was normal and nothing really strange happened at all.

At Kotor bus station, I saw a Chinese speaking couple ridign the bus heading to Bar. There was another Asian man stood near the bus. The couple left at Budva and had no big luggages. They might be staying at Kotor and taking a day trip to Budva together.

So far, I lost wait and learned enough of beach life - like how the sea smells and sea sounds and such. A book about beach stay? Of course! It'd be coming before the end of Summer! And other books, too.