29 July, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 27th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday. I haven't work on my blog posting these days. Just too much exercise in the water to make me fit. And working on the book. Oh, by the way, is it right a UK construction company developed a thesis of how WTC demolished by the explosives set on the main posts to blew it up in the controled demolision? I've heard from the V2K. The V2K perps can tell me some more things like the Kotor bay got 3 radioactive-camofraged rescue boats sunk just across from where I was and it would be around 300m from the other side. The V2K perps told me it happened 20 years ago by the US cops. They used a big cruising ship and dropped 2 first and 1 more later. Also, they can tell me the area got crabs and such. Indeed, I saw some crabs at the walls. The V2K people also told me about the scalops living near Cogimar parking lot. They said that the employees threw away some garbages but some of them were not dead and the babies survived. Perps should be checking these myths than me at the beach for fun.

Here is the girl with Swiss Post yellow bath towel at the beach yesterday.

A man in BMW polo shirt came with a portable canoe and left to the sea and didn't come back.

Later, I saw an Asian-looking woman took a bus from Kotor direction left in front of the beach and asked around and walked near Cogimar seafood store parking lot. Later, I saw someone looks like her at my hostel and she was talking about the payment of 15€ and wanted to leave and asked taxi driver.

Someone selling Berliner Waffle at the beach by a car.

Some cars from yesterday. A Swiss car parked in front of my hostel.

Here is the video. Somehow, my camera's voice recording function is wierd and I could only hear some noises and not her voice. I might need to film with TX-20 instead.