17 July, 2014

Unequal opportunity by the government friendly citizens

For the TIs, gang stalkers represent as the success model in the society. They may not have wealth and working in reception and other simple minimum wadge jobs. They are better off for the gang stalking activities as they are encouraged to be the competitors of the TI. A TI must be the failing one and that is fun for the perpetrators. They would say themselves as anti-Islam while the TI is so. A nice snitch jacket to take the role of the victim to be the winner of the identity.

So, what is the best way to defend themselves for the TIs? Find fault of the perps. Like how they slips on the floor or something of the funny picture making. The perps are not strong enough to be equal to each other in their group. If a perp did a stupid mistake, it could be a factor to be looked down among them. Like a big mistake at a company. Let's see if this works to take out some perps who are just curious to help the mobbing.