30 July, 2014

英雄豪傑(wild hero) logo T-shirt and a Jap Navy with crying woman tatoo man

I saw a man with 英雄豪傑(wild hero) logo clothes playing freesbie out side of a house. I saw NYPD logo T-shirt man last time around there.

At the beach, I saw a man with the Jap Navy flag with a crying woman tattoo on his back. He had the letter tatoos on his right arm and at the left side of his chest as well. On his left leg, he had carimello cartoon tattoo. Who wanna put these tattoos? A Yakuza man?

The German boat near my hostel left today. I saw another one later.

Also, a 007 car showed up near the beach. I saw some German cars on the road like BZ RC 19.

A Korean Gangstyle logo sandal for kids.

And there was a Swiss Post pen on the kitchen table this morning at the hostel. Another Swiss Post worker here or what?