13 August, 2015

Bought a new Sony TX-30 at Avenue Mall

I'm at Svaski Gay Apts since yesterday. So far, no sign of Japanese or anything. Just the windows are quite easy for the entry from outside despite of the security camera at the entrance.

I bought the camera which is 10m water proof and 18M pixel which is better than the last ones I had with the same N batteries. So far, I can film anything suspicious happens to me.

Right now, I forgot to lock the suitcase and left it open. I hope no one will damage my stuffs. Well, if the perp enters my room and steal my underwear to claim me a prostitute or something, it would happen. Also, perps may put urine in my shampoo bottle for the personal revenge. I survived one night at the flat so far. I hope nothing really happen now. I don't have the WIFI access from my apart when I am at home, so I need to use it outside.

I threw away the filet burger as I thought it could be dangerous by the perp cooking it behind the counter. I just stay home tonight and will go to the dentist tomorrow. I've heard from the perps saying that they put more amplifiers in the apartment area so that I could go through the forced speech and sudden muscle moving to drop things and such. Well, it would be safer without harassment living somewhere else with different identity.