06 August, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 5th, 2015

Today was the bad day for me. I tried to use my Sony TF-1 and the display part was filled in water. I thought it was damaged when I saw it. The battery part seemed to be fine and only some trace of water at the packing part. Then I swing it some and more water came out from the camera. I thought it was damaged already and hit it hard on the stone tile. It pissed me off of seeing my camera like that after seeing the German couple with an underwater camera and sat near me few days ago. Last time something like happened was at Lavare Hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria. I saw two German girls complaining about their rented car pulled off by the traffic cop outside. My wallet was stolen on Sunday after that incident. I just had no time informing it to Egyptian embassy for my Egyptian driver license theft. Well, that one the V2K recently told me that the document is stating I stole the wallet instead of have been stolen. I should have check the document again for the clarification with Bulgarian speakers somewhere. But hey, there are too many things happening to me now.

My TF-1 has been acting strange for awhile. It had a time that did not really turning on when I pushed the power button. But it was fixed somehow later. And it has been working normal till August 3rd, the last day I took underwater picture and it ended up V2K Recordings Vol.3 front page. I should provide the links in this blog as well for the ads. At the night of 3rd, the camera had the power suddenly on and off. I don't know why that was going on. So, I took out the battery till morning. I brought it to the beach yesterday, the 4th, and it did not work at all. And today, I found it leaked when I put it under water. I don't know how it happened and how it was damaged without my concern.