14 August, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 13th, 2015

I have a good news and some bad news. A good news is that I bought a new camera, Sony TX-30. Bad news are like I threw a fillet burger at KFC filming the situation after I ordered it and found it was burger not the Fillet menu with fried fillets. Then The Sony store female clerk came and was in KFC for awhile. Also, some guys brought fife extinguishers.

Another bad news is that I cannot find the money about 5000HRK in 200HRK notes I kept from my last visit in Zagreb this April. I haven't pay for the dentist and I kept it with me for the next visit. Somehow, I calculated my money at Road House in Skopje. I lived in the city for over 2 months, you know. Then I traveled to Montenegro. I don't think I had that money when I calculated from my belongings. I kept some money in the secret bag. I had a pile of HRK kuna for awhile for sure. But I was not sure when it went missing from my computer bag where I kept the pile with my extra HD and such. So, I lost about 1000€ for the trip from Croatia to Macedonia to Montenegro. Who will be responsible? Perps.

I stayed at Four Seasons Apartment in Zagreb last time with some young teens were in the dorm rooms. I had the room at Hostel Downtown but the female owner said that the room is under renovation and I had to stay in another place. Then I traveled to Skopje and it was Road House where I stayed for awhile. The last few days was strange as there was someone in the room next to mine in morning sometimes but the one just left early. I had the room seemed to be invaded from the top window and one day I found the the German prayer paper which went missing in Bucharest and found on my jeans at my room in Road House. And I woke up with the sudden headache with stomach vomiting anything liquid at the day of departure. I am pretty sure that the theft happened at Road House because my jeans was also damaged when I kept one on my bed. I stayed few nights at Hostel Zemzem but I don't think someone stole something at that time. And I stayed at Pansion Maslina in Budva after a night at Hotel Evrop in Podgorica. Then I was in Pension Citrus in Zjenovici. Then Apartments Calypso at Igalo. It was quite a trip but was enough to keep the price down for the summer time staying in the tourist resort.

Well, the V2K perps told me about they blame me of stealing money from others. I guess, I wrote down the V2K perps talking about it on my V2K books vol.9 or 10. Maybe, around that time, perps stole it from my belongings.

From now on, I will film the perps more freely and speak up about my theft damages from their friends. I shall make donation site for this 5000HRK compensation with perp photos sold. Like today, I saw some people on the street with HP bags showing up twice. Not everybody should own HP bags like that way and it was strange for me to see some people showing up with the same brand bags. Well, it could be something to do with the bag theft claim or something perps made.

Did someone enter my room at Apartment Calypso in Igalo? The second floor and first floor people across my room seemed to be occupied by the perps as I woke up around 2am because the room was hot and moved to the veranda and saw the people suddenly moving to their veranda around that time. At least, I found my Nounai OnseiSousin V2K sample videos I made for YouTube got only 379kb and 7 second length instead of about 15 minutes. I've started making this V2K recordings from the middle of July when I was in Zjenovici. So, it's one of the thing that can be counted for the possible theft time. But when I counted money the day before my departure from Road House, I don't think I counted more than several hundreds kuna papers. I was sleepy and quickly made the notes on the money for how much I own. The two papers I made for the note also gone from my computer bag and the secret porch.

I will share anyone who looks perp would be shared for the theft warnings from now on. I should be safe from these thieves. If perps want to call police, I can tell they are stalking people for some money for a long time as their side work job.

I wanted to upload the vid but was too slow and will add it tomorrow from a cafe or upstairs.