31 August, 2015

"History up to 2035" to be sale in future

Last few weeks, the V2K perps told me about the story of how the history told in future from the time travelling program. They said that the North East Asia Dispute will start after India fights against China. In 2017 to 2018, N. Korea starts the oil spilling on the East Coast of S. Korea and S.Korea will have reduced power plants and technology distract for the manufacturing. It lost the tie with Japanese SDF as the support on N. Korea fight and the US Army base will back to Guam and let the N.Korea bankrupt in the sea while S.Korea takes Hokkaido in the disguise of N. Korean ship. But Russia will invade Seol and take Hokkaido island while China joins the war to take the half part to the west of Japan. Tokyo survives with US back up. Io island will be the last spot for the Japanese emperor to be after Chinese gangs terminate all the functioning of the remained part.

Well, I can go on for more information. The V2K perps told me over 20pages of future science and history teaching after they went to the time travelling and manipulated within the population as people from future - which ended up as wrong because of the remained part and technological information sharing was quite old.

Well, I would be in another place from tomorrow night. I hope nothing gone missing. The V2K perps told me that they gonna bring Swiss Korean guy with family members for the stealing and home invasion at Youth Hostel. I would be careful and I will lock everything and carry around to the bathroom and keep things locked with tapes around in the bags when I sleep. Let's hope I won't be robbed my money for the dentist and such.