14 August, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 14th, 2015 part 1

Here is what happened today in the video. I went to the dentist and got small metal in my gum. The dentist took the x-ray twice as the first one did not work. I walked to a church and prayed there. I saw a beggar sat inside and begging. I'm trying to catch perps as much as possible for selling their facial information to cover the 3000HRK missing. Jesus once said, the coin got face of Caesar, it should be returned to him and I'm wondering the same thing would go with Croat perps. If their faces are to be sold to get the money missing for the dental cost which was stolen, their faces should be used like that way to gather something with Croat faces on.

I saw some Japanese tourists when I was at the tram station. Then I saw many Muslims near the Cathedral.

I have 3 parts for the movie as it has over 20 minutes.