26 August, 2015

Savski Gaj Apartments - man shouting "Polizei" at my room door

I was at home working with a new book I started last night about "Gang Stalking and Muslim Perps" in Japanese. It's a short book written by Sigil. Sigil is quite similar to yWriter and I kinda like the shift from yWriter. No word count function. That's the only bad thing about Sigil now.

Around 2.30pm, I was working with my book. There was someone knocked the door. I ignored it as I was busy typing. Then he shouted "Polizei." I first thought what was it. Confusion, you know. A police or German mafia at my door. I've been stalked by German cars for 3 years almost everyday. Then he shouted "Polizei" once again lauder. I was wearing the sleeping clothes and I changed my clothes first. Then I packed things and checked the door. No one was there. Since I had no electricity, I had to find a spot to use wifi, I decided to go somewhere today. I bought some foods yesterday and cooked some already for today and I was thinking to work whole day to finish my short book.

First, I wanted to contact the landlord and rang the bell twice. No one came from the upstairs. Then I found only my room floor got no electricity. The entrance light can be on. Then I left the apartment. At that time, the old man spoke to me. He asked me what was about it. I asked him about the electricity was down (I think I asked about it but I'm not sure as I was upset) and I asked him about the issue of someone shouted "Polizei." Then he asked his son to come. His son asked me if they can clean the room today. I have no idea why there was this "polizei" shouting at Savski Gaj Apartments. Last time a Polizei showed up was at the refugee residence in Buchs, Aargau. And he did the complete search of my room for some reason. I filmed it and shared it.

I suppose to be working and finishing my book today and suddenly in a cafe with 7L water bottle and a bag full of foods and a cooked rice in pot. I'll just ask some questions at the trip advisors for help about gang stalking and strange harassment at Savski Gaj Apartments.

I probably lost 3000HRK all in 200HRK notes at Road House in Skopje. My dentist failed fixing it in April and I kept the money for the dentist and half gone from my HRK note stack in the bag. I lost my Sarajevo Pope visit pin and someone made the jeans damaged at the butt area. So, I guess it's better share my victim signs and what's going on at the place I stay for the real crime prevention.