12 August, 2015

I'm in Zagreb now

Yesterday, I had problem getting out Herceg Novi because the bus was late. There were some more people waiting the H.Novi-Zagreb bus there. The bus had the sign Ulcinj-Dubrovnik? and had Zagreb license number and it was Croatian sign on the side and blue color one. I was in the bus for awhile and found the bus in Medugorje then the officer announced that the people heading to Moster needs to take another bus from there. I was still in the bus because the bus was Croat one and that one suppose to be H.Novi-Zagreb bus from my bus station.

But the bus went through more area with mosques and it ended up Jerry's gas station somewhere and the bus attendant told me that I should take another bus to get to Zagreb. I was still in the bus passing the Croat boader in morning. The bus arrived to Slovonski Brod around 6am and I took a bus from there to Zagreb for 55KN? extra charge. But no more mosques or sick graves nearby after the boarder. Whole night cursing Muslims and Muslims would take the eyes when people sleep in the bus. Scary enough, huh? I'm openly sharing my experience of getting threatened by the perps to others. Why not? I might be ok sharing what is really going on for help from Muslim extremists.

Now, I'm in Zagreb. My room is has some windows that might be used for intruding. So far, the people are ok, just the V2K Japanese are dangerously telling me toxic threats like Dunk Program that the police pimp boys may be stealing from my room by their technique of believing and sharing his story of how the pimp boys dump me after talking or trying to get friends. Well, I'd rather film anyone who gets close to me without any proper reasoning. Alone is safer from toxic people in the Sodom area. Also, the Korean perps may invade my room for killing me. I noticed some Asians when I arrived to the bus station and some blacks here and there.

I'm in Arena mall now because I have very weak WIFI at my flat.  Well, I will work on finishing my book and quickly creating the Zagreb perp lists for Koreans and Japanese, etc for my own safety and also sharing the ad posters for selling them to cover the compensation. I will try to get a better spot for WIFI if it's possible tomorrow.

Too much identity thefts, huh? I will just share the information for trying to find a safe place to live without mobs stalking or harassing me. It's a basic human right to stay away from any hazardous Korean or Chinese or Japanese groups who are thinking me as their personal enemy.