26 August, 2015

Muslim nightmare in Italy

Too many Muslims in Europe. Spain got enough Muslims. Italy also. So, where is the safest country for the Catholics? Slovakia has no mosque in the country, I've heard. Croatia got too many from Turkish pressure. Montenegro? They cooperate with Muslims and foreign intelligence and organizations to take out foreigners.

My V2K perps told me that if I go to Italy, there would be Soka Gakkai members who will help Catholics to harass me or claim me to be Soka member. Muslims are also used for such harassment.

Well, Italy got too many Muslims crashing church valuables. It's from Chinese pressure. China got not much relics or other important documents for the church to brag about and only got money for putting pressure on other churches. More churches losing the valuable things as a part of the security issue. If there is no original, then they just have replia ready for the war time and no more worry for protecting them. The V2K told me that Sinj got it done last year or so.

The recent damage in Italy.

Muslim ass telling Christians to be comverted to Islam. His view is much more like my V2K perps. They talk about disvaluing the women and they would claim the women's property should be claimed as stolen and to be shared to the alms.

I wish I have a church where I am safe to pray to the Virgin Mary. No Muslims, please. Or I would go insane and hit the head for the church security.