28 August, 2015

My apart after the "polizei" issue

I stayed whole day today for finishing my Japanese "Gang stalking and Muslim extremists" book. It's going well. I finished almost half of it and about 4 more sections to be finished. I've got Japanese V2K perps speaking up and some sounded like American or French accent English people as if blacks. They seemed to be working for taking out al-Qaeda thing they made up. Also, there told me about 800 children in the area to write for expelling me. Well, I have no idea why they use the kids like that way. And it seems to be something to do with communism - the family with kids won against anyone.

And I don't know much about what happened to 3000HRK 200 bank notes in Skopje area. As far as I know, I counted my money on the night before my departure and wrote down money total. I think I didn't get that much HRK notes with me. So, the money was most likely stolen at Road House where I found my items went missing and someone made a whole on the jeans which I only brought to Sarajevo for the Pope visit. I wore it few days and went back. After my nap on the day I came back, I found string loose on the butt area as if for a tail to come off. Another possibility was at Altira gym near the train station. So far, nothing stolen and I saw no one seemed to be checking my locker where I sometimes went to see if someone opened the locker for checking. I could see someone coming from the entrance and I could assume people take only few minutes changing clothes there.

Well, I didn't get any trouble now. No apart landlord visiting today. Nothing really happened much. I could finish my writing yesterday instead. Just this note was on the table indicating that they are eager to call paramedic or police for some gang stalking reason. I wonder what they will get for gang stalking. A new TV? I saw a box thrown outside of  the gate yesterday. The V2K perps told me that they would get a new laundry machine.

I'm staying in another place in Zagreb from next Monday. The V2K perps told me that they gonna bring a journalist as they think writers should be cute chics. Also, the V2K perps said that they gonna bring Chinese to steal all my money and valuables to make me ending up broke looking. I keep my side bag with me to the bathroom and such, so there should not be any more thefts happen.