13 August, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 12, 2015 part 2

Here is the last part from the video. Look at the black women and kids cerebrating the happy birthday while they lit the candles on McMuffins and there are smoke detectors on the ceiling at Arena Mall. I wanted to film their lighting the candles and they asked me to take a photo of them. How many people cerebrate birthday puting candles on top of McMuffins? I thought they were perps.

And the V2K perps tell me what they are learning these days. They said that they can bring back bags for the wiretapping the past through the time traveling technique. They said that they saw the truth of German Unification time thoughts. Munich intelligence was cerebrating how they obtained the extra land and ex-German people. Meanwhile, the Berliners thought about the border inside the walled area and half of them are just kids who want to move to the West. They thought they can try to extend the border through using their immigration along the western German border to south to reach Munich for conquering it. To the right on the map but they got Links for the politics, as an example in East Germany. I can tell more of these stories from what they learned and telling me.