29 August, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 28th, 2015

I visited my dentist today. Everything is well so far. Just the problem with delay to my arrival. The V2K perps told me that they need to make me doing things slowly because it makes the impression of me drinking too much and sleeping late. I don't drink alcohol these days. Well, I was at McDonalds for eating sandee because I had stomachach and needed to go to bathroom and later I used WIFI for a long time to pay the money off. I back up my photos. There was a woman sat next to me eating Kids meal and dessert and such. She ate so many. Then a girl beggar came. Later, a woman with HP computer came and sat next to me. She just show up with a laptop without a bag. I have a HP bag. It looked like she would claim a theft. Well, I have the photo of her.

When I was walking to the cathedral, I saw a couple walking in front of me. Suddenly, they stopped and the woman opened her bag and then they returned toward me. Then they again passed me and walked somewhere.

I saw a suspicious Turkish car also.

When I was at the cathedral, there was a woman with a pink hat sat in front of my bench. After the communion, she sat on the bench few rows to the front and she asked me to sit next to her. I refused as I left my HP bag at where I sat. It was as if someone tricking me to forget my bag at the church. My computer was safe.

By the way, I found my SD card slot filler plastic part was in my computer bag. It has been gone from Hostel ZemZem trip in Sarajevo for the Pope visit this June. I thought I forgot that part on my bed in my private room in the hostel. I searched my bags and I could not find it. It was returned in a strange way.