04 September, 2015

I'm still in Zagreb and thinking about a new backup plan

I use BitCasa but they offer 1TB for a yearly charge. I was looking for unlimited storage and I found ZipCloud and Carbonite for saving some money yet for full unlimited file keeping. I don't really know which one I should pick. Well, I was thinking Mankayia for free backup but it worked only the first day and no more of seeing my files. I uploaded only the photo files for one day. So, it was not that serious problem. Well, I might try something else for keeping files in case someone delete my stuffs suddenly, you know. Degoo is OK but it's ust 100GB file for free storage. The worst thing is that I don't have a good WIFI at Youth Hostel today. It had short time down sometimes. I thought of backing up my photos while I stay here a bit high price than other areas.

Oh, I can make some OSAM tomorrow. I was busy of some other stuffs. My book could be done by this weekend and one more would be done - if I really harry. I don't know why I'm just slacking with Fishing World but that is probably because I'm denied no matter I try to do something good or doing hard work.

Here is the video of a woman in barefoot entered to Zagreb Cathedral today.