27 September, 2015

What to do with Syrian Refugees?

I don't really see Syrian refugees in Eastern Europe. When I was at Budapest, I've heard the news of Syrians travelling from Zagreb by train. The V2K perps told me that they are ill treated by the Croat officers when they asked protection. Croats do not like Muslims. They would help Muslims with the reasoning of helping the poor Muslim family with kids - to pay off the dark side of what happened in the Balkan War. Well, the V2K perps told me that Banja Luka is a good position for the Muslim refugees as the Srpska people need more people to fight against Serbia in future if they need a fight. They would protect the family with kids till they grow up and go home. The location, Banja Luka, would have not many people because of the war time killing. So, the wealthy people can be settled down in the northern Bosnia.
Also, there is UNHCR in Sarajevo. BiH is the land of Germans. If Syrians cannot get to Germany, they could be protected by Bosnians who have ties with Germany. During the end of the Balkan War time, Bosnians were buying the German citizenships with marks.

There is only one option for the Christian Syrians. They could use the Damascus relationship to get help from the people. I've heard from the V2K that the important people are already evacuated in Italy or somewhere. Well, if the Syrian Christians cannot make it already, they might find a spot in Amsterdam. There is a church for Syrians along the river to the south from Anne Frank House. I forgot the name of the church and don't wanna check it online. It faces the river to the East and now it holds Catholic masses at night.

I'm just curious how many could pretend to be Muslims and moving around. Some could be Papua New Guineans. So, the best way for them could be taking the IDs from others like the old horror movies. They could be begging at the Charles Bridge in Prague for foods and travelling fares. There is a big ceremony in September 28th in Prague. So, the good rulers could do some good things for the people.

I haven't post anything much besides my damages and the OSAM videos. So, I tried to share my ideas of how Syrians could do better while not causing much trouble and travel to Europe.