29 September, 2015

The best photos from September 28th, 2015

How to be safe from the gang stalking? I don't have any reason to be harmful to others except sharing the information of what people do. If they do the secret police activities around me, I write about it with my evidences as my experience of human trafficking.
3 guards showed up at the door to the church. I'm not a king, therefore, no one killed me.

Because the people around me were taking photos all the time, I took some. Good to have perps mimicking me around in the chapel today.

And the holy skull of St. Wenceslas at the church. I can show the photos of the parade I encountered from St. Francis of Assisi church in Prague yesterday in another posting. I used to be a church visitor and still so. Only the difference is that I have the Korean and Chinese Christian extremists who hate Japanese Christians, Soka Gakkai and atheists who harass Christians, Muslims who want to harass Christians, and so on. I had no problem with my religion and pilgrimages before. Only the problem is the people who are eager to catch the people who they can claim to be Al-Qaeda or something.

The V2K perps say that they can use the church workers to think unemployed people should not visit the churches. I don't really see this would work in the countries where majorities are Catholics. The poor are the only ones not counted as Catholics or what? By the way, I gave one of St. Therese of Lisieux card with relic to the woman who was giving away the normal card with the gold metal Virgin Mary and Jesus picture at the parade. When I went to the church today, I saw the metal plate that seemed to be the same one I saw at the parade. There was a long line of people kissing the plate in the case. I joined it and kissed the frame. So, I still considered as something dangerous while I act and behave like a normal Christian. Now, what I should do for get rid of gang stalkers? I saw one blind person today and one eye-patched woman in the parade yesterday.