27 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 26th, 2015

I had time spending more on the road due to get lost and such. Well, September 26th on 2009 was the day when Pope Benedict XVI visited the shrine of Infant Jesus in Prague. In 2015, I was in the shrine for the Spanish mass. At Medugorje, I received an English prayer card from the people visiting. I think these two women with the infant Jesus figures could be in the shrine but that kind of history ended up like this way. I visited the shrine after the Red Prague Tour and received a new card with a different Jesus clothes with the same English prayer on it. I don't know what these perpetrators were in the church yesterday but nothing really bad happened. Today, there was a man sat next to me and he did not take the communion, but my bag was not stolen. Well, too much gang stalking ruined my life to be a Christian. But that is how my life is and how it went.

Here is the video from today. There is a man with Buke (Samurai in Japanese) clothes walking in the midday and at night. 2 blind people on the streets. Koreans and Japanese and such. Oh, a guy was pissing by butt showing in public. And one woman kidnapped.