21 September, 2015

Rolex pin missing at City Garden Hostel in Budapest

I'm at Costa Coffee in Corvin Plaza. This morning, I found my Rolex with a pin missing and it was like this.

I found the pin in my Samsonite porch as I put the watch in there last night and kept it there whole night. I don't know when the pin came off such easily in the bag. Did someone invade my room? So far, I my stuffs seems to be safe. I have my netbook and other items working properly. Could be some money missing? I didn't really counted the paper money in my porch nor the wallet. Should I keep the track of them for the home invader stealing money for some train fare and such?

When I left the hostel, no one was there. Last night, there seemed to be a woman brought a bike and were in the room to the right from my room. But no one seemed to be in the building last night except me. I locked my room windows and doors and put some obstacles attached to the door to make them noise if someone opens them from outside. The window was open when I went to the bathroom this morning.

And when I was about to leave, a man showed up at the front door with a big luggage. He eventually went in when I opened the door to leave. A synchronized motion like yesterday again.