17 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 16th, 2015

Here is the vid from yesterday. My hostel got no WIFI since the day before - the female clerk said and I'm at a cafe. My cold made me feel dizzy and quite unconsciously doing things. I have sweating face all the time as if having fever. Well, I was safe last night. Just got 510HUF change cheated at the hostel reception after paying 42050HUF for the payment of 41560HUF for staying till next Monday. It's not a cheap place and yet got some perps could be around. There is no WIFI now but only the area to the back area with an open WIFI available. Well, I don't really go there alone for some reason at night. I've been warned by the V2K perps about the thieves stealing stuffs such as my backpack with bibles and such.

So far, I saw one open empty bag on my way to the shopping center from my hostel. It was left between two hotels. Is it a dangerous area or what? At Zagreb bus terminal, there was one eye-patched man walking. And today, I saw 2 hand bandaged people and some Muslims at the shopping center. If the gang stalkers are looking for Muslim terrorists, just pick on these real Muslims. I can burn Koran on September 11th, if I find one on the street. There were only few people in the different room in the hostel but they didn't do any skits like talking about travelling to Germany or studying psychology and such.