24 September, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 22nd, 2015

Here is the video from yesterday. I visited the Free Walking Tour and didn't pay for Sona the guide as the Bulgarian woman working for Motorola paid 30€ for her company and I just let me added for the tipping. Then I went to Euroveau shopping center and had a burrito. I saw a Taco shop man eating with others and I saw him with a 4 letters Chinese tattoo on his right arm. Did I get something strange like a spit on my burrito? I don't really know why such a strange thing happened to me. Then I saw more Chinese around and Garden cafe people often smoked near me just outside.

I went out at night for the pub crawl and I saw 3 Egyptian men hanging around drinking. Also, there was a guy talking about Arab nation visiting and such. More people are from UK and only few women like 3 including the guide, Lucy. Well, you see the video.