08 September, 2015

Socks man and drinking teen and one blind one eye patch men

I was quite busy for nothing. Just doing Fishing World competition and file backing up. It takes awhile to back up files, you know. Well, I thought of asking help at the local NGOs, but I just wait somehow. I don't see any reason asking help but not sure how to ask in the foreign country. Hmm, if it's not Muslims seeking refugee status, I might join and ask for a shelter. Well, last time I was so serious suing SJSU with FEDAME and other TIs. I could have doing something else for the normal living like short time jobs and such with some future aim like a normal people. I'd say I have enough gangs around me and I have the file to share.

Here is the socks guy walking around in socks.

The man on the paper box thing.

Drinking teens.They might be the socks man's friends. They could be underage for drinking.

A blind man.

An eye-patched man.

I just had no time for OSAM making. I finished a new book only 2 sections left. I will finish them later.