20 September, 2015

I'm heading to Bratislava tomorrow

So many Chinese and Asians around in Budapest. Nothing really went well without WIFI at the hostel and far away location to find WIFI with a plug. I thought of sharing more info to synagogues and anti-human trafficking NGOs, but not really going well. At least, I can see one NGO in Bratislava and some Jewish area there. At least sharing info is better than doing nothing, I guess.

The V2K perps threaten me of their backpackers stealing my Jack Wolfskin backpack full of Bibles and other books. Well, that's one of the exotic book selection I have. But so far, no one stole that one from my room. This kind of talking I've been hearing to make me nervous.

Now, I'm finishing the research on the location of the place of NGO and Praha to do something more. Never been to these areas before and that's some change in my life. I've been to Budapest many times and staying different hostels and pansions here. Going different ones seem safer than visiting the same one for the better gang cooperation for the harassment.