30 September, 2015

I'm in Berlin now.

I'm at 36 Rooms Hotel now. It's quite expensive spot but got some perp figures. When I checked in, there was a man who was wearing Superdry JPN logo and now I'm at the table with a Sussex Psychology major woman who speaks English and Swiss German. She is chatting with a couple who is from Berlin and the man is economic major. They are just chatting near me. The psychology major woman is wearing a clothes with a girl brew her head off with a pistol and the head turned into many butterflies.

I don't get the WIFI connection from my hotel at all and I found an open one now. I don't know why the hotel WIFI is not working. It's like Florenc Hostel at the last few days when the WIFI is not working.

The area suchs. I wouldn't choose to be in this hotel if I know there is a mosque like thing on the same street. The good thing is that there is a fire brigade across from it and a van with police in it ready for any terrorism happens across the street. If the people do some protesting against that mosque thingly, I would buy few cartons of eggs for the protesters and even a pack of pork bones for the decoration. The locals are not really doing against the mosque thingly now. Only the police is ready for the terrorism.

I'll be visiting Covert Harassment Conference 2015 tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I will get a wifi during the lunch time or after the conference tomorrow.