16 September, 2015

I'm heading to Budapest tonight

I've been in Zagreb for quite a long time. Now, I'm heading to Budapest and adding German car photo sales and make half year German car list ready for the back up. There should be many Syrian refugees in the city or they already headed to Germany and be used for the human experiment there. I've heard the V2K perps telling me about how they are used for the mass contract on human treatment in the humanitalian purpose for vaccine to all the assorted terrorism searching new technology implanting and experiment.
Also, I've heard that the Chinese would be in the gang stalking 24/7 in Budapest and the actual woman of Saudi Arabian king's hair would be in Budapest for the military order there. Well, I will be careful with Muslims and Chinese for thefts and other problem.

Also the V2K perps told me that there would be a China man next to my seat only having 250€ and claiming theft on me in the bus. I will just film everything for my safety if anything suspicious happens. Also, the passport theft could happen they said and I will film my passport before handing it to the officer.

Too much harassment? I guess so. And wait for the OSAM video from yesterday - I captured a Chinese woman hitting two pebbles together like the sea otter eating sea shell on the  street.

I'm sick from yesterday and I'm just tired waiting in a cafe now.